//2014 Obama Energy Policy

2014 Obama Energy Policy

Press Release: 6/3/2014

The United States is finally taking a stance that can make a difference on the absurdly alarming climate change issues plaguing our little blue dot in the sky we call Earth.

Instead of making minimalist changes to appease the masses, and allowing issues to linger for political gain, President Obama has made a MAJOR policy decision.  The President felt so strongly about his decision after reviewing statistical data from NASA, The University of California and 100’s of other creditable scientific sources around the world that he has bypassed congress with a plan forcing power plants to cut their emissions by 30%.  (Keep in mind- this is almost impossible for most power plants.  Meaning the 1,300 coal-fired power plants around the U.S. will either have to convert to natural gas fuel or go out of business.)

What this means?  The proposed regulation states “Nationwide, by 2030, this rule would achieve C02 emission reductions from the power sector of approximately 30% from C02 emission levels in 2005”  This rule will significantly promote other forms of energy including Solar power, and will help the U.S. in their talks with other nations when asking them to reduce their emissions. Homeowners and renters alike can expect dramatic hikes in energy rates in the coming months and years as a direct result.  Especially in states such as California where snow-pack in the mountains shrank by 86% in just one year, leading to increased drought and fires throughout the state.


Coal supplied 37% of U.S. electricity in 2012, compared to 30% from natural gas, 19% from nuclear power plants, 7% from hydro-power sources such as dams and 5% from renewable sources such as wind and solar, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  By 2030, just over 30% of U.S. electricity will come from coal and about the same amount from natural gas, with wind, solar and other alternative sources providing about 9%, according to anonymous EPA officials who spoke to reporters on Monday on the condition of not being identified.  According to the EPA, the proposed new rules would reduce carbon pollution by the same amount as removing two-thirds of all cars and trucks form American roads.  

What should you do?  If you are a homeowner in the state of California, the time is NOW to make the move to Solar.  This rule is going to increase the demand for solar dramatically in the coming years, and as we all know supply and demand are two very large factors that impact the overall cost of a new solar system.  If homeowners act now, and get solar before the overall cost of solar jumps to astronomical rates they can save themselves a lot of money.  Fidelity Home Energy is working with homeowners to make this possible, offering complimentary Home Energy evaluations, solar feasibility testing and shading analysis.  Don’t get stuck with an outrageous power bill, and end up paying for the increased cost of solar by waiting too long.  Call Fidelity Home Energy NOW and get a free quote, along with an energy savings analysis on your home.  You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.  Call now 1855 Solar -4-U (855-765-2748). Or visit Fidelity Home Energy for additional information. Here are some Energy Saving Tips.

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