About Fidelity Home Energy



Think Big about Fidelity Solar

When you hear about Fidelity Solar having established an impeccable reputation in California you can see we take pride in being an active part of the communities we serve.  All of our products are designed and engineered with the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Fidelity Home Energy is licensed for General Construction, C-46 Solar, C-33 Painting & Decorating, C-17 Glazing or Window Installation and C-39 Roofing. All licenses are current, active and in good standing.

Peace of Mind – Before and After the Sale

Before anyone comes into your home you can rest easy knowing that our installation personnel are highly trained, insured, and properly certified. Once your home improvement project is complete,  relax and enjoy an improved living space without worry.  Every product we offer includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Fidelity Home Energy is Nationally Ranked

Fidelity Home Energy consistently ranks high on Qualified Remodeler’s annual Top 500 Remodeler List (currently 38) . This list is the longest ongoing recognition program in the remodeling industry and is a national survey. When you think about Fidelity solar energy, think integrity because we put that first.

Fidelity Home Energy Cares About the Environment

Fidelity Home Energy’s products meet the highest standards for environmental friendliness. We provide only the most energy efficient products and services available. When you hire us to do the job you can relax, knowing that the environment and your family are in safe hands. We provide expert solar panels in Northern California. Let us assist you with your energy needs.

About Fidelity Solar – Pledge to integrity

As the #5 ranked energy efficiency company in California, integrity is the foundation on which we pride our self .  The ability to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining professionalism and respect is critical to the growth of our bottom line.


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