Bay Area Solar Company exceeds expectations!

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As a bay area solar company Fidelity Home Energy is proud of its relationship with Hanwha Q-cell.  Hanwha Q-cell is the leading manufacturer and supplier of German made photovoltaic solar panels and products in the world.

As an authorized installer of PV solar panels, Fidelity Home Energy adheres to a very strict process of quality control measures.  Each installer must pass inspection on each phase of the job.  Safety of wire installation, over current protection, and visibility of the required system signage upon installation.

In addition,  proper system performance is inspected, verification of proper roofing materials, and structural attachment .  These details are in place to ensure homeowners have complete confidence in Fidelity Home Energy as their tier 1 bay area solar company for years to come.

  • Fidelity Home Energy is licensed and bonded for C-46 Solar Installation, B1 General Contractor,  C-39 Roofing, C33 Painting and C17 Windows/Glazing
  • Fidelity Home Energy installers are certified and trained to the highest NARI standards and guidelines.
  • Fidelity Home Energy is completely insured with both Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance up to $2,000,000 on each home.
  • Fidelity Home Energy’s ‘Solmetric SunEye’ measures seasonal shading.  This is the best solar harvest for a specific location on any roof.

Quality Components

  • As the leading bay area solar company Fidelity Home Energy offers state-of-the-art solar components designed to provide you quality, longevity, maximum energy production and warranties!
  • Fidelity Home Energy has 24/7 monitoring to view your panel energy output in real time.
  • Fidelity uses high-performance, cutting-edge technology.
  • Fidelity Home Energy promises assured reliability and stability.

Quality Service

  • Fidelity Home Energy has quality trained staff dedicated to your satisfaction and ready to answer any concerns.
  • As a leading bay area solar company we have a complete turnkey solution from measurement, permit submission and approvals, to installation.

Quality Warranty

  • Fidelity Home Energy has an exclusive lifetime warranty  on our panels plus an added 10 year labor warranty.
  • Fidelity Home Energy provides Lifetime coverage for the panels and 10-year coverage for the work done on the panels.
  • Their is no labor cost!
  • No other contractor in the nation offers a warranty with this level of protection against high labor costs for system repair or replacement.


  • Take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit (This will expire 2016 or sooner)
  • You will increases your home’s equity by as much as $20 for every $1 you save on your energy bill annually.
  • This system protects from energy rate increases, which have already been approved at the rate of 7% per year.