//Pending California Legislature to streamline home solar energy permitting

Pending California Legislature to streamline home solar energy permitting

A bill pending in the California state legislature promises to make the installation of home solar energy systems a lot easier and quicker, according to a recent story in the San Bernardino County Sun. The bill, which has passed the state Assembly and is now pending in the state Senate would simplify and expedite the permitting process, which can often take months. Assembly Bill 2188 would compel cities to process permits for small, residential solar energy systems within five business days. Furthermore it would collapse the review process to a single inspection after the system is installed. Navigating the byzantine permitting process for hundreds of countries and locales can be a logistical nightmare for solar power companies, taking up time and employees. The process can be vastly different from city to city. For example San Jose will grant a permit faster than it takes someone to drive to the city’s building department and back. In neighboring Fremont, the same process takes about a month. As a result the same home solar power system can cost $2,000 more in Fremont than it does in San Jose. Understandably, while home solar system installers and homeowners tend to be in favor of the legislation, many local governments bristle at the mandate coming down from Sacramento. The bill, should it become law, would require that solar system permitting be given priority over other city permitting services. This is considered by some as being unfair. Nevertheless the bill passed overwhelmingly in the state Assembly and is expected to pass in the state Senate sometime later in the summer of 2014. For more information on home solar energy systems contact us.



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