10-Step TexCote Application Process

step-1-inspectionStep 1- Inspection

  • Complete inspection of your home’s exterior
  • Reveals surface deterioration including chipping, flaking, peeling and suspect areas.

step-2-trenchingStep 2 – Trenching

  • Dig a perimeter around home where possible
  • Inhibits capillary action of ground moisture
  • Helps eliminate costly repairs from decay at foundation

step-3-pressure-washingStep 3 – Pressure Washing

  • Removes dirt, loose paint and foreign substances
  • Reveals surface area in need of repair
  • Provides a clean surface for bonding of substance

step-4-repair-and-patchStep 4 – Repair & Patch

  • Deteriorated area is prepared, caulked and patched
  • Caulking shall be performed around windows, doors, metal flashings, and other areas of water penetration

step-5-maskingStep 5 – Masking

  • All doors, shrubs, trim, windows, lawn area and surfaces are covered

step-6-primingStep 6 – Priming

  • Sprayed on thick using heavy duty equipment at a pressure of up to 3000 psi
  • Creates a thick, armor-like surface that protects the original exterior stucco, mansard or wood surface from water damage

step-7-coatingStep 7 – Coating & Inspection

  • After the layer is applied the entire house is carefully inspected
  • Assures uniform texture and great appearance

step-8-finishStep 8 – Finish

  • Sprayed on thick using heavy duty equipment
  • Adds color of your choice
  • Bonds with primer for optimal adhesion
  • Acts as a heat reflective shield that protects the original exterior mansory

step-9-trim-coteStep 9 – Trim Cote

  • Loose paint is scraped and sanded
  • Provides most consistent surface possible
  • Is available in satin and semi-gloss finishes

step-10-clean-upStep 10 – Clean & Inspect

  • Masking is Removed
  • Provides most consistent surface possible
  • All surfaces are carefully inspected for proper thickness and uniform appearance


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