The dry film thickness of TexCote is MANY TIMES THICKER THAN TRADITIONAL PAINT!

It is actually 15 times thicker.


How Tex Cote Works

  • Tex Cote provides up to 600%  more coating on the surface
  • Enchanced with a revolutionary Heat Reflective Technology
  • Provides temperature reduction and long term protection.

TexCote CoolWall Primer and Supercote Ingredients


Ingredients Features Benefits
Copolymer Designed for superior adhesion Resistant to efflorescence
Acrysol Ease of sprayability Enhances flow and sprayability
Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous Silica Powder Promotes breathability
Mildewcide A mildew resistant agent Resistant to growth of mildew and fungus
Titanium Dioxide Designed for strength Conceals previous colors
Perlite Glassy Substance Enhances fire retardancy
Recycled Glass Micronized silica powder Provides high tint retention
Acrylic Resin Highest quality 100% acrylic Color stabilizer resistant, crack resistant
Complex Extender A complex mineral Increases abrasion and chemical resistance
High Efficiency Synthetic Silica Aorphous Silica Helps resist sag in coating
IR Reflective Tint Heat stabilizer, light stabilizer and weatherable Reflects infrared radiation with best fade resistance available.
Kynar PVDF Similar to Teflon Provides hard finish, low water absorption, non-stick property, chemical resistant, heat resistant and increased reflectivity.