//San Leandro Solar Company Launches Neighborhood Ambassador Promotion

San Leandro Solar Company Launches Neighborhood Ambassador Promotion




neighborhood ambassador promotion with a tier 1 san leandro solar company

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San Leandro Solar Company – Fidelity Home Energy Launches Neighborhood Ambassador Promotion 


Are you looking to go Solar?  Looking to get  a substantial portion of any energy efficient home improvement covered and make some extra cash on the side? Fidelity Home Energy is a tier 1 San Leandro solar company; we can help!


Fidelity Home Energy is a San Leandro Solar Company here in the Bay Area that provides efficient and cost-effective solar energy solutions.


For the purpose of providing more than just energy solutions to our customers, we have started our Neighborhood Ambassador Promotion. Through this program, you will not only get our Solar Energy solutions but will also be covered for a substantial portion of those energy efficient home improvements.


But there is a catch…


All you need to do is advertise our services as a San Leandro solar company in a few simple forms:


  1. A Sign in the Front Yard: Once you get our services, you can put our sign on your front yard for the passersby to see your easy and simple advertisement.
  2. A Sign in the Window: You can even put a sign in your Window too, or somewhere else, somewhere where people would be able to see your advertisement.
  3. Submit a Testimonial on Facebook: Facebook being a hub for tons of people can be a great place for you to advertise by submitting your testimonial on our page.
  4. Submit Before and After Pictures on Facebook: If not a testimonial, then you can submit before and after pictures, showing the changes of your home from beginning to end.


Whatever the means, once you start advertising our services, we will then place you in our neighborhood showcase where you will be presented as a Neighborhood Ambassador. From there , whenever someone in your area gets an energy efficient improvement or GOES SOLAR due to your advertising, we will pay you $500.




You want to get some extra cash flow that pays for the system to line your pockets month after month?  Simple as pie! As a Neighborhood Ambassador the return on investment will pay for the system, alone!


Now, to get our services and become a Neighborhood Ambassador in the future, follow these simple steps:


  • Call our Fidelity Home Energy Rep – 1-877-765-2711 ( Don’t 4 get to say how you found us)
  • Set an appointment to receive your complimentary energy analysis instantly saving you 15-20% off your future utility bills.
  • An energy specialist will walk you through each step of the home energy improvement process and provide a complete live demonstration on any energy efficient product you choose.


Let’s together protect our environment by contributing to the green movement and eliminating our carbon footprint.


Go Solar. Love Earth.

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