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Fidelity Home Energy only installs the highest quality products in the industry, and our windows are no exception. We are proud to partner with Monte Verde, which is the industry’s leading window manufacturer. All of our installation teams are licensed and factory trained, providing you the ultimate peace of mind.


Comfort Starts with Beautiful Windows

High performance windows with new glazing technologies can help moderate indoor temperatures in the summer and winter. According to a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study (Lyons and Arasteh),  a high performance window, like those offered by Fidelity Home Energy, can resist outdoor extreme temperatures by as much as 55°F or more in the winter, and reduce the probability of discomfort from solar radiation in the summer by up to 55%.

SOURCE: EfficientWindows.org

Save Energy & Lower Energy Costs

Non-energy efficient windows can represent a major source of unwanted heat loss, discomfort, and condensation problems. In recent decades, windows have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to have lower heat loss, less air leakage, and warmer window surfaces that improve comfort and minimize condensation.

According to a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study (Lyons and Arasteh), modern window solutions reduce typical annual heating costs by as much as 26% in cold weather residential locations.

Also, according to that same study, home owners in warm weather residential locations can see an annual energy cost savings of up to 43%.

SOURCE: EfficientWindows.org

Highly Durable for Safety & Security

Monte Verde Windows come with safety features that help you protect your home and your loved ones.

The vinyl frames are extrememy tamper resistant.

The triple Low-E tempered glass is comparatively very strong, preventing easy breakage for fast entry by unwanted persons.

The Secure Lock Systems offered pass stringent California Forced Entry (CFE) resistance testing.